Taking the fight to spam

As of today, our email server fights spam!

We have added spam detection capabilities to the server today. This feature was a long time overdue, and is finally here.

The email server will now process all incoming email, and if its detected as spam, automatically move it to the Junk section of your Inbox. For now, we also add *SPAM* to the subject of emails detected as spam, just to demarkate what the server thought was spam, as opposed to any anti spam training your client may have already had. We do not expect many false positives or things slipping through the spam filter, but nothing is absolutely perfect, and user feedback is much appreciated so we can more finely tune our spam filters.

Additionally, in this most recent round of updates, we have also added auto delete functionality for trash and spam. Previously, things would sit in your Trash or Junk folders till you manually decided to flush those away, and would eat precious space on your account. Now, any email older than 30 days in Junk or Trash is deleted automatically. This functionality does not affect any other folders.